Thanks To Everyone Who Contributed In My Music...


- Mohamed El-Sayed (Lyrics)


- Ahmed Ehab (Composer, Music Arr., Artist Manager)


- Noha Wagih (Director)


- Wael Abdullah (Director and Founder Of Wellsbox)


- Osama El-Telbany (Assistant Director - Wellsbox)


- Do'aa Abdel Wahab (Lyrics)


- Philippe El-Sisi (Music Arranger)


- Ahmed Hussien (Guitarist)


- Tamer Ismael (Lyrics)


- Mohamed Al-Azhary (Sound Engineer and A Drummer)


- Hisham Essam (Oud Player)


- Sherif Watson (Guitarist)


- Hatem Ghaleb (Keyboard)


- Nigel Hilbourne (Sound Engineer)


- Ruth Bieri (Piano Player and Music Arr.)


- Duncan James (Guitarist)


- Ahmed Mahmoud "Ooze" (Photographer)


Special Thanks To:


- Ahmed Abbas, Amr Zifzaf, Mounir Ghassan, Hossam El-Tawdy, Ahmed Radwan (Rado), Youssef El-Sayed, Mohamed Shawky ...







1. Ana Arfod - I Reject 


2. Baltageya - Thugs       


3. Anzel Ghalasa - Election Song      


4. El-Youstafandy - Anti SCAF Song


5. Ya Bokra - Oh Tomorrow


6. Kelmtin Ya Rayes -  To Mr. President


7. Fi Ekhtelafna Rahma                                             2013


8. El Jacketta                                                            2014



Abdullah Magdy Alhussainy is an Egyptian. He was raised in Dekernes, before moving to Cairo at the age of ten and he currently lives in Zurich. Abdullah speaks several languages, but music has always been his mother tongue.


At an early age, his parents noticed his super talent in singing and started to encourage the little Abdullah to sing. Abdullah first gained popularity performing in GUC’s during 2003-2007 before leaving to Germany, where he got his bachelor degree and masters in Communication Networks (Faculty of Engineering).


The former GUC-ian couldn’t let go his passion to music and founded his first band, a group of living abroad Egyptians. The group’s repertoire consisted mainly of international and Arabic songs and started to receive paid booking. Later on, the globetrotter decided to overcome another challenge and flew to Switzerland to enroll himself in a PhD program (he quit later in 2014). While on vacation in Cairo, few weeks before the Egyptian revolution, he accidently met his former university colleague, Ahmed Ehab. They both decided to take serious steps in the road of stardom and fame, and started to work on their music styles.


Just Months after participation in the Egyptian revolution, Abdullah made his first music video “Ana Arfod – I Reject”, by the extra-ordinary Mohamed El-Sayed (Lyricist) and Ahmed Ehab (Composer). 


Following the success of this song, Abdullah sang “Baltageya - Thugs” by Doa’a Abdul Wahab (Lyricist) and “Anzel Ghalasa – Election Song” by the amazing duet Mohamed El-Sayed and Ahmed Ehab, for Wellsbox. After the smashing success of the two tracks, Abdullah threw the SCAF with “El-Youstafandy". In 2012, Abdullah released his first HIT, "Ya Bokra" which paved his way to more collaborations with big names in the music field. In 2013, Abdullah collaborated with Hassan El Shafei and El Joker by singing a remarkable hook in "Fi Ekhtelafna Rahma" song. That song has been a top popular HIT in the middle east and it was produced by The Basement Records. 

In 2014, Abdullah collaborated with Andy Prinz and Dave Emanuel, top Swiss Music Producers. They combined the Arabian spirit with the modern electronic music in a a couple of beautiful tracks "Eurasia". 
















© 2015 by Abdullah Alhussainy. All rights reserved




















Abdullah Alhussainy

Independent Singer